How do satellites track mobile phones?

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Mobile phones can be tracked using the global navigation satellite system. This makes use of around 30 satellites, and the desired mobile phone should be covered by at least 4 satellites. Also, the phone should either have built in GPS or a GPS app.


But the satellites are so far away yet they can be so precise in pointing down a phone’s location. So, how exactly does this phone number tracker? They do so by tracking signals from your phone, and this method is known as trilateration. So, your phone has to send and receive signals from the satellite constantly.



Based on the time these signals were sent or received, and the current positioning of the satellite, your phone calculates its latitude and longitude and hence the current position on the globe. Not only that, this can even help you calculate your speed based on the time difference between each signal sent or received. The signals are generally passed on through base stations and network towers. It is due to this very reason that phone tracking is not possible in some remote terrains and the midst of high rise structures.

How do the satellites work?

At any instant, the trilateration method requires you to be covered by at least 3 satellites. You can imagine that these satellites are sending down signals in the shape of a cone. The bottom of these cones will be a slightly elongated circle.

The center of these circles is used in a trilateration equation to roughly estimate your position and the point where all the three circles intersect is your exact position. The trilateration equation mentioned above is a very complex equation, but the description has been simplified to at least help you understand how it works.

Since the GPS uses around 30 satellites to monitor the whole globe, each device can get covered by more than just three satellites at a time. In fact, more the number of satellites covering your device, the more accurate is the positioning. Under normal circumstances, a device can today be covered by around 15 satellites. With the increased number of satellites launched into space, tracking has become more precise. So, until and unless the signals to and from the satellites are not obstructed by some massive structure, your phone will constantly be getting tracked.

Some phones like Blackberry and Trio have the hardware that can enable to directly exchange signals with the satellites whereas if your phone is a pretty simple one, then the same work is done by transmitting signals through cell towers.

Initially, the GPS was meant for strict military use by the United States Military, but later during President Reagan’s administration, it was turned to civilian use. However, the whole GPS is still under the under the United States Military.

Although the satellites work non-stop, the tracking cannot be done unless there is a proper device. Since the data provided by satellites are very precise and convenient, they can be confidently used to track any number of real time constantly updating locations at a time.

The best way to use Stardust

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It is impossible to think that a hardcore fan of video games doesn’t like to play the famous POKEMON GO game. With a new trend and a new set of features this game is now one of the most popular games.  The best part of this game is you can play this game for a long time and can feel the flavor of a good game at the same time. Now it is a common fact that players of the video games always try to apply some key features to play the games more smoothly.


These features make the game more attractive. One such feature for the pokemon go cheats game is the use of the Stardust.  Stardust is used to power up a Pokémon and to evolve it. You can use a collect Stardust by capturing a Pokémon, and then you can use it to power up another Pokémon.

Now the million dollar question is how to use the Pokémon or the best way to use the Pokémon.

There are several ways that you can apply to use to Pokémon, but it is necessary to find the best way. Remember, POKEMON GO is a lengthy game, that means, you have to play the game for a long time even to cover the half way of the game.  So, it is necessary to find the right way.

The best way to use the Stardust:

Know the details about Stardust: As a player, it is your responsibility to explore all the details regarding the POKEMON GO game. Now it is necessary to know the details of the Stardust because it ultimately helps you to play the game more smoothly. Remember, the use of the Stardust is very necessary to get a rapid progress in the game.

Attend the Pokemon menu: Now to use the Stardust, you first need to attend the menu that is the Pokémon menu. Now you have to choose the monster that you want to power up. Remember, there are a good number of monsters or Pokémon in the game. Even some special monsters or Pokémon are available in some specific continents.  So, it is necessary to select the monster or Pokémon that you actually want to strengthen. Now after selecting the monster, you need to find out the Power Up button to enable the use of the Stardust. This button shows how much Stardust you can exchange for power up the monster. That means it indicates the amount of combat power that you actually need in exchange of the Stardust.


Maintain precautions: Now the amount is different for different Pokémon. Now, while using the Stardust, it is necessary to maintain some precautions. Like if it seems that a Pokémon has a high level, and then don’t go for it hurriedly. Because if you use your Stardust for that Pokémon hurriedly, then it can be that your attempt can be a futile one ultimately. It is better to wait for the level 20 and see the option and requirement, then use the Stardust.

So, the above discussion clearly defines how to apply the best way to use Stardust in the POKEMON GO game.

We can see satellites technology in different movies

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Satellite technology has really improved at an exponential rate over the years. And this improvement is improving the lifestyle of different people. Not only lifestyle, but the satellite technology has also inspired different Hollywood movies. And those Hollywood movies are like:


1) Interstellar:

Interstellar is one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, which is based on the space technology. And beside the space technology, it is also inspired by the satellite technology as well. The movie really gave a whole new definition of the space technology this technology is called track a phone by number and can be found on the latest phones. And with the help of this movie, most of the satellite related things have revealed to the common person as well.

So, at first the movie is really inspired by the movement of the satellites, and it has helped to build the plot of this particular movie.

2) Marooned:

The movie was released back in the year of 1969. In fact, it is one of the earliest movies which is best in the space technology or the satellite technology. In the late 60s and the early 70s the whole space technology was quite a mystery to the common people. So, inspired by the satellite technology, this movie has been able to show all the fundamentals of spaceships and the satellites. So, when it comes to movies which are inspired by the satellite technology, then the name of the Marooned can’t be ignored. In fact, it is considered as one of the best movies which show the space fundamentals, especially in the early stage of the satellite technology.

3) Mission to Mars:

Mars is considered as one of the most discussed matters of interest when it comes to the space science.  And back in the 2000s the Hollywood tried to exploit the market, as many people wanted to know much details about the planet Mars and how contacts can be established with the Mars with the different satellite systems. So, the satellite systems were featured in this particular movie. And hence it can be conceded as one of the most important and most watched movies which are inspired by the satellite technology.

4) The Day After Tomorrow:

When it comes to different films which are inspired by satellites, then it can be said that this is one such movie. This movie generally shows the global cooling effect. Though this particular movie does not feature the space as the other movies did, but still, it can be said that the there is a fair bit of role that satellite has played in the movies. Especially when it comes to forecasting the weather, the satellites play an essential role. And this particular movie is generally based on that concept.

5) Gravity:

People who love the space base movies never can overlook the name of this movie. This movie is one of the most popular movies which is based on the space technology especially satellite technology. This movie is based on the exploration of the space. The roles that satellites play in the exploration are quite important. So, it can be said that the movie is inspired by the satellite. So, these are the top 5 movies which are inspired by the satellite.

User manual

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User manual

[ File # csp7403202, License # 3176625 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / alexmillos

Since when were founded Artificial Intelligence, special attention was paid to models of representation and natural language processing methods. One of the basic principles in the automation of reasoning presupposes a knowledge base represented in some form to effectively define an appropriate context a problem. The present application aims to be a useful tool engineer knowledge in order to create a knowledge base in order to define fuzzy effectively in a particular context. Furthermore, the application provides the user a tool for building fuzzy expressions that can assess the truth. For this, application has a number of elements for defining a context with all the elements necessary to build a knowledge base appropriate to the context in question. The main elements are easily accessible via options and toolbar system that connects the modules implemented in order to achieve the goal. To assist in the operation of application modules have been developed a series of specific factors: the explanations in the form of ‘tooltip / QuickTip’, and those offered help system. For additional assistance, use the button located on the toolbar of each module.

The menu offers primarily possibility to administrate multiple contexts appropriate knowledge bases that can be stored in different places on different storage media. This allows you to initialize context to create the base for a new context, to save or load a knowledge base in order to add new elements or to modify existing ones. So you can: Create a new context (initializing knowledge base) by pressing. Upload a knowledge base already created and saved on a memory support by clicking and choosing ‘Upload context …’ or by choosing one of those available for quick access. Save the knowledge base by pressing the appropriate context .Parasiti current application by pressing the application title bar or toolbar aplicatiei.Minimizati main application window by clicking the title bar of aplicatiei.Observati that the application will store the last three ties knowledge base with which to work, choose one of the links that accompanies the knowledge base obtained from the popup menu by pressing the left main application toolbar (vertical bar next to the title).

In natural language, people can change the degree of ambiguity of an utterance (sentence) using adverbs and incredibly, very, very. An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb entire sentence. If you want build an expression like “temperature is very low.” Modifier linguistic really be represented in the knowledge base respecting the order in which it affects (change) a fuzzy compared to existing modifiers. To represent and manage modifiers of linguistic knowledge base, module application that refers to them have available toolbar buttons through which you can add new modifiers can modify existing ones and existing ones can be deleted modifiers. Note that if you chose to use a fuzzy modifier (first possibility here) you can not access the fuzzy numbers (the second option). If you still want to use the second way to build an expression fuzzy, you need to choose between modifiers linguistic option that represents a modifier ‘vacuum’ (lack of a modifier – the first option from the list) in which case you will have access fuzzy numbers. The same situation you will encounter when you choose to use fuzzy numbers to construct an expression, in which case you can not use modifiers linguistic and fuzzy sets. The return can be done by choosing the number fuzzy ‘vacuum’.