The best way to use Stardust

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It is impossible to think that a hardcore fan of video games doesn’t like to play the famous POKEMON GO game. With a new trend and a new set of features this game is now one of the most popular games.  The best part of this game is you can play this game for a long time and can feel the flavor of a good game at the same time. Now it is a common fact that players of the video games always try to apply some key features to play the games more smoothly.


These features make the game more attractive. One such feature for the pokemon go cheats game is the use of the Stardust.  Stardust is used to power up a Pokémon and to evolve it. You can use a collect Stardust by capturing a Pokémon, and then you can use it to power up another Pokémon.

Now the million dollar question is how to use the Pokémon or the best way to use the Pokémon.

There are several ways that you can apply to use to Pokémon, but it is necessary to find the best way. Remember, POKEMON GO is a lengthy game, that means, you have to play the game for a long time even to cover the half way of the game.  So, it is necessary to find the right way.

The best way to use the Stardust:

Know the details about Stardust: As a player, it is your responsibility to explore all the details regarding the POKEMON GO game. Now it is necessary to know the details of the Stardust because it ultimately helps you to play the game more smoothly. Remember, the use of the Stardust is very necessary to get a rapid progress in the game.

Attend the Pokemon menu: Now to use the Stardust, you first need to attend the menu that is the Pokémon menu. Now you have to choose the monster that you want to power up. Remember, there are a good number of monsters or Pokémon in the game. Even some special monsters or Pokémon are available in some specific continents.  So, it is necessary to select the monster or Pokémon that you actually want to strengthen. Now after selecting the monster, you need to find out the Power Up button to enable the use of the Stardust. This button shows how much Stardust you can exchange for power up the monster. That means it indicates the amount of combat power that you actually need in exchange of the Stardust.


Maintain precautions: Now the amount is different for different Pokémon. Now, while using the Stardust, it is necessary to maintain some precautions. Like if it seems that a Pokémon has a high level, and then don’t go for it hurriedly. Because if you use your Stardust for that Pokémon hurriedly, then it can be that your attempt can be a futile one ultimately. It is better to wait for the level 20 and see the option and requirement, then use the Stardust.

So, the above discussion clearly defines how to apply the best way to use Stardust in the POKEMON GO game.

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