We can see satellites technology in different movies

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Satellite technology has really improved at an exponential rate over the years. And this improvement is improving the lifestyle of different people. Not only lifestyle, but the satellite technology has also inspired different Hollywood movies. And those Hollywood movies are like:


1) Interstellar:

Interstellar is one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, which is based on the space technology. And beside the space technology, it is also inspired by the satellite technology as well. The movie really gave a whole new definition of the space technology this technology is called track a phone by number and can be found on the latest phones. And with the help of this movie, most of the satellite related things have revealed to the common person as well.

So, at first the movie is really inspired by the movement of the satellites, and it has helped to build the plot of this particular movie.

2) Marooned:

The movie was released back in the year of 1969. In fact, it is one of the earliest movies which is best in the space technology or the satellite technology. In the late 60s and the early 70s the whole space technology was quite a mystery to the common people. So, inspired by the satellite technology, this movie has been able to show all the fundamentals of spaceships and the satellites. So, when it comes to movies which are inspired by the satellite technology, then the name of the Marooned can’t be ignored. In fact, it is considered as one of the best movies which show the space fundamentals, especially in the early stage of the satellite technology.

3) Mission to Mars:

Mars is considered as one of the most discussed matters of interest when it comes to the space science.  And back in the 2000s the Hollywood tried to exploit the market, as many people wanted to know much details about the planet Mars and how contacts can be established with the Mars with the different satellite systems. So, the satellite systems were featured in this particular movie. And hence it can be conceded as one of the most important and most watched movies which are inspired by the satellite technology.

4) The Day After Tomorrow:

When it comes to different films which are inspired by satellites, then it can be said that this is one such movie. This movie generally shows the global cooling effect. Though this particular movie does not feature the space as the other movies did, but still, it can be said that the there is a fair bit of role that satellite has played in the movies. Especially when it comes to forecasting the weather, the satellites play an essential role. And this particular movie is generally based on that concept.

5) Gravity:

People who love the space base movies never can overlook the name of this movie. This movie is one of the most popular movies which is based on the space technology especially satellite technology. This movie is based on the exploration of the space. The roles that satellites play in the exploration are quite important. So, it can be said that the movie is inspired by the satellite. So, these are the top 5 movies which are inspired by the satellite.

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