How do satellites track mobile phones?

Dec - 24 2016

Mobile phones can be tracked using the global navigation satellite system. This makes use of around 30 satellites, and the desired mobile phone should be covered by at least 4 satellites. Also, the phone should either have built in GPS or a GPS app. But the satellites are so far away yet they can be […]

We can see satellites technology in different movies

Nov - 02 2016

Satellite technology has really improved at an exponential rate over the years. And this improvement is improving the lifestyle of different people. Not only lifestyle, but the satellite technology has also inspired different Hollywood movies. And those Hollywood movies are like: 1) Interstellar: Interstellar is one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, which is based on […]

User manual

Oct - 12 2016

User manual Since when were founded Artificial Intelligence, special attention was paid to models of representation and natural language processing methods. One of the basic principles in the automation of reasoning presupposes a knowledge base represented in some form to effectively define an appropriate context a problem. The present application aims to be a useful […]