How to run old games on consoles on our Android phone

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How to run old games on consoles on our Android phone
The smartphone is smart for a good reason and can do with him about what you beheaded, nor is pointless to tell now what do we wonder gadget or better still what does!
But use the phone for quite a few games that have greatly advanced both in Chapter graphics as well as the gameplay, but before these games we play on consoles such as PSP, Gameboy, Nintendo 64 and more phone “burying” thus these consoles. Certainly in the past games do not excellent Chapter graphics mostly in 16-bit and very pixelated but had a special story but if it’s a pleasure to replay them.¬†Madden phones is a very popular game, I chose to talk about it because it is very simple to explain how it works. Besides there and madden mobile hack¬†application that helps you add coins and other resources.

How those consoles are dead today, the games can still run through an emulator. Seeking least on the Internet, I found an emulator good enough to support many consoles old and is pretty easy to use, the only downside to say is that we must find our own games on the Internet and save them on your phone where emulator will run automatically.
So if you want a particular game you have to look for an internet game files. I found this site to download games for Sega Genesis console and we had no problems so far.
In your home screen we have a gallery of thumbnails with pre-installed games and will appear here and unloaded us.
To install the game, you have to download the game you want and copy the files to your phone folder retrobox and here we still have several folders – we have to put the game files in the folder that corresponds to the console on which the game was taken. Both uncompressed game files can be archived as well as a zip archive.
After placing files in the appropriate folder, open the app and it will automatically detect them and display them on the main screen. Now just choose the series of miniatures game that we have available and obviously Press Play.
You will need to install one application for each type of console – it automatically downloads the first time you play a game console that and you have to install it manually.

The Android operating system does not have an integrated system that allows blocking of the core functionality as the default browser or access applications store or Settings.
Therefore when looking for a parental control application for Android, we recommend looking for one that will allow and restrict access to certain programs in addition to web filtering options.
A few things you can do in Android without installing other applications
1. Google Play – content filtering
Even if it can be easily modified by anyone, it does not hurt to walk and settings of content that can be displayed in Google Play. Thus, depending on which set age will only show applications and other programs for that age.
2. Search Settings search engine
Preferences -> Search Settings -> Enable secure filtering (for Google)
Settings -> Safe Search
Parental control applications that you can use
Bitdefender Parental Control – free app with basic features
After you install the application on your child must connect the device to your account MyBitdefender. If you do not have such an account you can create one for free.
Features in the free version:
Monitoring web pages and applications
SMS and mobile monitoring
Tracking pages your child has visited or wanted to access them
Monitoring your child uses words in searches
The application is easy to install and if you log in to your account MyBitdefender, you will be able to see reports with your child’s activity on the device used. You can also create multiple accounts (for more children) all linked to your main MyBitdefender.
Kaspersky Parental Control – Free
The Kaspersky developed a free application that makes Web filtering, browser regardless of where you are and allows you to block certain applications on the device is installed. Filtering works pretty well but really misses to the possibility of including words filtering and lists of allowed and disallowed sites.
It is an easy to use and set and gathered positive reviews from parents.
Android Parental Control – Free
Once you install this application and you have given administrator rights you can set access rules for each application installed on your provisions in part. Thus you can restrict access to Settings, Store applications and the browser default.
Please note however, the app is pretty annoying and requires the administrator password often, which led to many negative reviews.
K9 Web Protection – Free
K9 installs as a browser through which all searches should be done, with the following built-in functions:
Blocks access to sites deemed inappropriate for children;
Block sites that infringe upon your system security;
Block sites with illegal content;
Prevents access to sites topic of discussion topics for adults.
A major improvement of the application is that the browser is set as the default browser default any browser link would be accessed or opened will result in K9 Safe Browser. This means that the default system browser or other browsers installed are no longer a threat. Also, if you set administrator rights, K9 will not be uninstalled from the Settings than set your password
It remains, however, we restricted access to application store.


Do not allow the setting (adding) a filtering lists of words
Do not allow the addition of a list of sites that the child is not allowed to access them
It offers no possibility of customizing advanced settings
It does not offer the ability to set access times and functioning of the device.
Kids love – an application for small children when using tablet / phone parents
When you want to give him the child and protect your device and information from your phone, open the app where you give access only to applications they’re allowed to use them. The child can not get out of it without your password so you will not have access to other applications. Many parents are satisfied with the application but it’s only a temporary solution for young children.

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