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Snapchat users are more inclined towards posting funny, weird pictures rather than the pretty perfect ones. Doing this all the rage, with several different effects that you can add to your pictures and videos. The fact that it is real time makes it even more interesting. You can get live funny updates from around the world. After all, living in the moment is more fun. The users also don’t have to worry about getting embarrassed because the snaps get deleted just seconds after being viewed. The effects can be added to the snaps in a number of ways.

Snap lenses

Snap lenses come with the Snapchat app. These lenses are used while taking snaps directly from the app. They add special effects and animations to the snaps. There are different snap lenses available. They also get rotated with time and new ones are added regularly. This means that you may not be able to use the same lens anytime you want. To use the latest lenses, make sure that your Snapchat is upgraded to its latest version. There are a number of effects available – puppy face effect, angry face effect, alien face effect, pug face, tiger women face, and much more. Puking Rainbow face effect, although it makes no sense, is one of the very popular face effects.


Filters are used on the videos and images that have already been captured and stored on your phone. Updating the application will give you more options to choose from. Make sure that you have enabled filters in your account. There are different filters you can choose from.

  • Geofilter

Using the access to your GPS location, Snapchat provides you with different filters that are distributed for different areas.

  • Video filter

The video filter allows you to edit your videos by allowing rewind, fast forward, fast forward or slow motion. You can also edit the sound for your video.

  • Color filter

There are different color filters available. Black and white will make your snaps give a retro effect; vintage will make it saturated. You can also use sepia, or bright to suit the tint of your choice.

  • Data filter

The data filter can be used to add phone data like battery life, location, temperature, date and time to your snaps. You can use more than one filter in the same snap.

This feature allows you to swap faces with another person while taking live snaps or you can also swap faces with a picture. Snapchat will scan both the faces and when the swapping is done, you can capture the snap.

Adding texts, emoticons, and stickers

You can add text to the images, rotate the snaps, change their color and also select the size of letters. There are a number of stickers to choose from. You can just select any, and drag them around before sticking it into the snaps.


If you want to customize your snaps, by adding a touch of your own style, then you can draw freehandedly on the snaps with different colored ink.

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